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UVI Core Value

Integrity, Respect, Achievement..!

Integrity: The core principle that builds our company to maintain the highest  standards. The foundation of our company is based on honesty and truthfulness. Integrity is such of importance that we pledge to do the right thing at all times. 

Respect: We treat all members with dignity and respect, and we value the collective power of teamwork. We respect our differences regardless of our personal experiences, diverse cultural backgrounds, etc. We allow all members to express themselves and bring forth new ideas to meet our company goals.

Achievement:  Our ambitions drive us to take advantage of different opportunities and create generational wealth. Having a positive mind-set to achieve our company's goals is key to our success. For us, achievement is the evolution of passion into excellence. We called it "extraordinary growth."  


UVI is managed by four exceptional Managers and controlled by a board of Five members. The board of directors made of four qualified members of the senior executive team with responsibility for our company growth and financial health. we operate on behalf of our members to establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of our company. Each board member plays an important role in UVI. The President executes the company's plan, establishes short and long-term goals, manages budgets, encourages business investment alongside with other board members. The company's Secretary works closely with the president and responsible for all administrative tasks such as board meetings, emails, Minutes, and other important communications. The Treasurer and his Assistant Treasurer maintain control over all financial transactions and take responsibility to manage the company liquidity. They also prepare quarterly and annual reports that provide an overview of company's performance and financial results. 

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